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Health and Safety Training Presentation

Welcome to the launching point of our Health and Safety Training Presentation. Here you will find over a hundred slides, coving occupational health and safety for the employer, the employee, and indeed everyone in the workplace.

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Defining Health & Safety

Overall aims and objectives of health & safety induction

Why do we need
Health & Safety?

The Price of Safety

The Safety Manual

Basic Principles of Health and Safety

What is health and safety ?

What is health and safety ?

What is an "accident"?


Contributory factors

Accident Ratios

Workplace Accident Statistics (1998)

Results of poor health & safety

The cost of accidents at work

Accidents at work

What causes accidents

What causes accidents

Other factors that can increase the risk of accidents

The Causes Of Accidents

The Causes Of Accidents

Reasonably Practicable



Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Involves Hazard & Risk

Purpose of Risk Assessment

Risk Management
' taking proactive steps to reduce exposure to risk'

Risk Assessment


Who is covered by risk assessment?

Carrying out a risk assessment

Slide 34

Simple risk assessments

Identifying people at risk

Investigation of Accidents

Purpose of the Investigation


Heinrich Domino Theory

Responding to accidents

Recording of Accidents

First Aid In The Workplace

First Aid at Work

First aid provision

Personal Protective Equipment

What Is PPE?

Key Personnel

We Identify PPE Requirements

Fire safety at YOUR COMPANY NAME

Causes of Fire

The Fire Triangle

Characteristics and effect of fire

Fire prevention

Fire - building requirements

Dealing with an emergency

Colour coding

Action in the event of fire

Fire training

Fire signage


Safe condition



Fire equipment

Fire exit signs


Electricity - basic principles

Electrical systems - typical issues

Portable appliances

Provision & use of equipment

Work Equipment

Transport Safety

Key Issues - vehicles

Transport Safety - Practical Considerations

Mechanical Handling Equipment (MHE)

MHE Dangers

MHE Safety

Work at Height

Ladder Safety

Ladder Safety

Permits to work

When to use a PTW ?

Manual handling

How do we define manual handling ?

Hazards associated with handling

Reportable accidents

Reportable accidents

Employers duties

Employee duties

Risk fators - task

Risk factors - individual

Risk factors - load

Risk factors - environment

Hazardous Substances

Chemical Safety


Hazard warnings

Employees duties - COSHH

Golden Rules For Chemicals

Display Screen Equipment

Health Risks

Working Safely With Display Screen Equipment

Display screen equipment

Display screen equipment






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